Apologies and Updates

I apologize for being remiss in posting new picture book reviews! I had the opportunity to attend KidLitCon09, well about two hours of it — and then my husband called to inform me that my three year old had a fever of 103.6. Needless to say, I had to leave to attend to my sick daughter! A total bummer for me, because I was learning a lot and was looking forward to learning so much more. In any event, I have decided to revamp my blog a bit. I’m still going to post picture book reviews and ways they can be used in the classroom or for home schoolers, but I’m going to create a bit more organization — more on my end anyway! I’m hoping to post books based on monthly themes, either content related, strategy related, or traits related.

In addition, I’ve started another blog — Literacy Tool Box — that I’m planning to use as a place to post tips and tools for parents and educators related to literacy. Check it out — it should be up and running soon.
I hope you will check back in for the kick off of the “new” Teaching with Picture Books on November 1st!

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