Book Fair Day by Lynn Plourde

August Theme: Motivating Readers

Recommended Grades: 3rd -5th grade

In Book Fair Day, Dewey Booker, a real bookworm, is horrified to learn that his class will be the last to visit the Book Fair at school this year.  Will any books remain?  Once he finally arrives, all of his classmates look to Dewey for recommendations.  When he’s done he looks around to notice all the books are gone!  What will he do?

Lesson Idea: In the first month of school, consider combining building your classroom community with activities and lessons that motivate readers.  Read aloud this book and discuss with students how despite Dewey’s fear that all of the best books will be gone, he stops to help his classmates find books that are just right for them.  Consider having your own “Book Fair Day” in your classroom.  How?  Ask students to bring in 2-5 books they read over the summer that they would like to recommend to their classmates.  Pick a day and have students walk around to each of their classmates and hear book talks about their books.  If students are willing, ask them to recycle their reads so that their classmates can read what they recommend.

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2 thoughts on “Book Fair Day by Lynn Plourde

  1. Julie Niles Petersen August 23, 2010 / 1:13 PM


    That is a new book to me and it sounds great! I love the idea of using it at the beginning of the school year to discuss finding just right books. Struggling readers have such a difficult time with book selection. Not having read the book, I am not sure how Dewey helps his classmates find just right books, but I’m sure I would expand on it. In the past, I used BOOKMATCH for this purpose and I think it really helped. Here is a link:

    I would introduce BOOKMATCH first and then do a Book Pass with books in the classroom library. Although I like the idea of students bringing in books they read over the summer, I am positive there will be some students who do not bring any. In addition, I like to get kids excited about the classroom library.

    Yesterday, I ran across this post from @Larryferlazzo on Twitter and it has a great form for a book pass. You can find that here:

    I also love the recycle your reads idea. I know many schools are having much success doing this and it is a great way to get books into the hands of readers. It is a wonderful activity for PTAs to help organize.

    I also love the idea of students giving book talks throughout the year, along with the teacher. Struggling and reluctant readers really benefit from these “commercials.”

    • Links to Literacy August 23, 2010 / 3:18 PM


      What fabulous suggestions! And you are absolutely right about some children not bringing any books in! I have never heard of BOOKMATCH and will look into it. Since writing this post, Paul Hankins (@PaulHankins) informed me of a fabulous beginning of the year activity that he uses with his high school students. It sounds similar to Book Pass. I would probably suggest that now. I will also check out Larry Ferlazzo’s resource. Thanks, Julie, for the awesome resources today!

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