Amelia’s Notebook by Marissa Moss

February Theme:  Voice

For the first half of 2011, I will take time to focus on picture books that you can use with each of the Six Traits of Writing.  Each month will be dedicated to a new trait.

December 2010 – Ideas

January 2011 – Organization

This month’s theme is Voice.  How can we use picture books to model for students how authors create a voice in their writing? What exactly is voice?

The NorthWest Regional Education Laboratory (NWREL) defines voice as, “the heart and soul, the magic, the wit, along with the feeling and conviction of the individual writer coming out through the words.”

Recommended Grades: 3-5

Amelia’s Notebook is a fun read aloud to demonstrate voice.  Amelia is nine years old and records her thoughts and feelings about moving, her new school, and her friends in her notebook.  Written from the perspective of a nine-year old, many upper elementary students will be able to relate to Amelia.

Amelia’s Notebook is one of my touchstone texts.  I used it to model writer’s notebooks as well as to teach voice.

Lesson idea: Read aloud the book.  Think aloud about the ways Amelia keeps notes in her notebook and how the author was able to write from the perspective of a nine year old.  Model for students how to create a character.  Check out last week’s post about Alice the Fairy to help students create a character sketch of a character.  Then, have students create a character and write journal entries from the perspective of the character.

If you are looking for additional resources and ways to teach voice to students, find past posts under the Voice tag.

**Note** I provide these lesson ideas under the assumption that you are familiar with The Six Traits of Writing.  If you are not, and would like more information on teaching students about organization or any other six traits component, please feel free to contact me at Dlittle[at]linkstoliteracy[dot]com.  I am happy to provide more specific lessons or resources if necessary.

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