Big Plans by Bob Shea

Recommended Grades: 2nd -5th grades

In Big Plans a little boy sits in the corner of his classroom plotting his future and his plans are BIG! With the help of his bird and a lucky stinky hat, he may become Mayor, President, or fly to the moon!  

I wrote a post about Big Plans in 2010.  At that time, I recommended using it as a book to help students set goals for the beginning of the year.  Here I recommend using it to set summer reading goals:  


Lesson Plan Ideas:

Goal Setting: After reading aloud Big Plans, discuss the idea of making summer reading goals with your students. As a class, discuss reasonable reading goals for the summer. Provide students with a Big Plans Summer Reading goal sheet they can use to record the number of books they read. 
Writers Workshop, Dialogue: Read aloud Big Plans and discuss how the author differentiated dialogue in the story (color and size).  Share other models of dialogue for students as mentor texts when they are writing.  Encourage students to borrow from the authors’ craft in their own writing. 
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