1+1=5 and Other Unlikely Additions by David LaRochelle

September Theme: Building a Room full of Readers

Recommended Grades: 1st -3rd grade

This month, I will focus on books that will help you build a room full of readers.  This first review is of a new book that will be out this month.  I love connecting picture books to anything and everything and one way to build readers is to connect books to other subject areas.  This is an example of making a connection between literacy and math.

1+1=5: and Other Unlikely Additions requires children to think outside the box.  A fantastic change to the daily grind of test prep, this book provides children the opportunity to use their critical thinking skills related to addition.  Out this month, the cover catches your eye with the large 1+1=5.  My son, a second grader, was immediately intrigued when he saw the cover and wanted to know how 1+1 could equal 5.

The author, David LaRochelle, is a former elementary teacher, himself.  Using animals, insects, athletes and other items, he devised a unique and engaging approach to addition that requires children to think about addition in a different way.

Lesson Idea: Read aloud this book.  Discuss all the ways the author used objects to create 1+1 addition problems.  Create a class list of the different ways.  Provide various objects and pictures for students and ask them to use the objects and pictures to create their own “outside the box” addition problems – in the same manner LaRochelle does in the book.

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