America: A Patriotic Primer by Lynne Cheney

July Theme: Using Picture Books to Teach Reading Strategies

Reading Strategy: Building Background Knowledge

Recommended Grades: 4th-6th grade

I chose to review America : A Patriotic Primer in honor of our Fourth of July holiday yesterday. This is a great picture book to help build children’s background knowledge of the principles on which the United States were founded.  Be sure to read all of the little bits of information on each page.

Lesson Idea: Prior to a unit on the history of the United States, discuss what students already know about the founding of the United States.  Read aloud the book and discuss new information that students learned.  You may want to consider charting the information as well.  Once sufficient background knowledge has been built, have students create their own ABC book about other facts related to America (i.e. symbols of the U.S., presidents, or a combination of historically important people and events)        

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