Apples for Everyone by Jill Esbaum

Theme: Fall

Six Traits of Writing:  Word Choice

Recommended Grades: 2nd -5th grade

It’s fall – harvest time – and fresh apples are everywhere.  Find out what apples look like, how they grow and what we can do with them.  This book is part of the National Geographic Kids Picture the Season series.  Check out Literacy Toolbox to read about other National Geographic Kids books

Lesson Idea: Read aloud Apples for Everyone (Picture the Seasons).  Discuss with students the idea of descriptive words and how they enhance a book.  Read aloud the book again and stop after every page.  On a piece of chart paper, list the descriptive words or phrases the author uses to describe apples.  Leave the list in the classroom as a writing resource and continue to add to the list as you find other descriptive words and phrases in your read alouds.  As a writing exercise, provide students with a topic, perhaps another fruit or vegetable, and ask them to write a descriptive piece about that topic.  Actually provide students with a piece of fruit or vegetable to handle and manipulate as they write their description.  Allow each student to choose their own fruit or vegetable to write about.  Encourage students to use descriptive words and phrases in their own writing.

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