Ranger Rick by National Wildlife Federation

Theme: Nonfiction Read Alouds

Strategy: Author’s Purpose

Recommended Grades: 3-6th grade

Ok, so technically, Ranger Rick magazine is not a picture book, but it provides short text (and lots of photographs!) that can easily be used in the classroom to model nonfiction text features or in this case author’s purpose.

Lesson Idea: Choose the type of text you want to model. Ranger Rick offers sets of directions when they showcase crafts, jokes and riddles, and short informative news articles using various text structures.  Read aloud (or post on an overhead or ELMO device) and discuss with students how author’s write differently for different purposes.  Authors typically write for three different purposes: to entertain, persuade, or inform.  Download the Determining the Author’s Purpose graphic organizer.  Model for students how to determine different purposes for writing.  When students have had plenty of practice determining the author’s purpose of various texts with you or a partner, have them use the graphic organizer to locate features on their own.

Content Connections: Ranger Rick is a great resource to use when teaching science.

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