Bad Boys Get Cookie! by Margie Palatini

May Theme:  Conventions

For the first half of 2011, I will take time to focus on picture books that you can use with each of the Six Traits of Writing.  Each month will be dedicated to a new trait.

December 2010 – Ideas

January 2011 – Organization

February 2011 – Voice

March 2011 – Word Choice

April 2011 – Sentence Fluency

This month’s theme is Conventions.  What would a copy editor need to do to prepare the piece for publication?

Recommended Grades: 3-5

In Bad Boys Get Cookie! two bad boys, Willy and Wally Wolf both had a big sweet tooth.  When Cookie goes missing, Willy and Wally are on the case, as detectives.  Will they ease their sweet tooths, or will Cookie outsmart them? 

Lesson idea:  Read aloud this book and discuss with students specific conventions the author used.  Discuss how one would read the book if the conventions were removed.  Re-type several pages of the book without conventions to model for students how it would sound and look.  Provide students with several more pages of re-typed text without conventions and provide them the opportunity to add the appropriate conventions.

**Note** I provide these lesson ideas under the assumption that you are familiar with The Six Traits of Writing.  If you are not, and would like more information on teaching students about sentence fluency or any other six traits component, please feel free to contact me at Dlittle[at]linkstoliteracy[dot]com.  I am happy to provide more specific lessons or resources if necessary.

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