I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

Recommended Grades: 4-6

A bear loses his hat and asks the other animals if they have seen it.  A surprise ending might catch the reader off guard. 

Note: I originally learned about this book on Twitter via my Professional Learning Network (PLN).  If you aren’t familiar with it already, Twitter is a fantastic professional development resource!

Lesson Idea:

Writer’s Workshop: Read aloud I Want My Hat Back and analyze the way the author indicated dialogue.  Provide students with other books in which the author uses dialogue in non-traditional ways. Have students analyze all books and choose one style to practice with in their own writing.  Disclaimer: This idea came from Donalyn Miller, a fantastic resource in all things reading!

Trait: Organization: After reading aloud I Want My Hat Back, discuss the surprise ending with students.  What direction did you think the author was going in?  How did the ending stand out? Analyze other picture books with surprise endings and have students practice using this technique in their own writing.

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