Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates

Theme: Creating a Classroom Full of Readers and Writers

Writer’s Workshop: Getting to Know Students as Readers

Recommended Grades: 3rd -5th  grade

Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates is about a dog who loves books so much he decides to open his own bookstore.  After a few false starts, he finally receives a customer who wants a book.  And Dog, being an avid reader, knows just what to recommend.  This is a short book that demonstrates fairly simply how a reader can lose himself in a book.

Lesson Idea: Read aloud this book.  Discuss how Dog loses himself in books.  What does that look like?  What does he imagine?  Ask your students to brainstorm a list of reading material (books, magazines, fiction, informational, etc.) that each student may have lost themselves in.  I think you will find that even your most reluctant and/or dormant readers will have at least one example.  And if they don’t, make it your mission to help them find that one book this year.  Use this book as a starting point to get to know each of your students as readers – their reading likes and dislikes.

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