Ducky by Eve Bunting

Recommended Grades: 4-6

A crate of bathtub toys are washed overboard in a storm.  As waves crash all around them, the animals are separated until Ducky is left all alone.  Will he wash ashore and find a friend?     

Lesson Idea:

Six Traits:

Idea Development: This picture book is based on a true event that took place in 1992.  What a fantastic way to develop a story.  Read aloud Ducky and ask students to peruse newspaper articles for idea seeds.  You can also read aloud 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle (based on the same incident) and compare how two authors began with the same idea, but developed two different stories.

Organization:  “I am a yellow plastic duck and I am in great danger.”  This sentence begins the story of Ducky and hooks the reader.  Provide Ducky as a mentor text when modeling hooks.

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