Imogene’s Last Stand by Candace Fleming

On this 4th of July, a special history/America inspired post:

Recommended Grades: 2-5

Imogene’s Last Stand is the story of Imogene Tripp, a young girl with a passion for history (she even recites famous quotes).  So when the mayor decides to tear down the Liddleville Historical Society to make way for a shoelace factory, Imogene must fight for the town’s past.  Is she able to save history? 

Lesson idea:

Making Predictions:  Prior to reading aloud the book, ask students to make predictions based on the title and the cover.  As you read aloud, stop and confirm predictions and make more.  Predict whether Imogene will be successful in her effort to stop the demolition of the Liddleville Historical Society.

Writers Workshop/Using Famous Quotes: The author used many famous quotes from historical figures and weaved them throughout the story.  After you read aloud, ask students to pull out the quotes to put on a quotation wall where you can continue to add quotes, both famous and not so famous.  As students work on writing pieces, encourage them to use the quote wall to inspire their writing. Perhaps they want to weave quotes into their own writing, or perhaps a quote is just the spark that inspires their next writing piece.  You could even pair this book with Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum as a model of weaving quotes into narrative or informational texts.

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