Independent Dames by Laurie Halse Anderson

July Theme: Using Picture Books to Teach Reading Strategies

Reading Strategy: Asking Questions to Build Background Knowledge

Recommended Grades: 4th-6th grade

Everyone has heard about the men of the American Revolution.  But what about the women and girls?  Independent Dames: What You Never Knew About the Women and Girls of the American Revolution answers the question through thoughtfully researched information.

Lesson Idea: Teach students to ask questions to help build their background knowledge before reading a text.  Show students the cover of the book.  Discuss the term, “dames.”  Discuss the important male figures of the American Revolution and their accomplishments.  Then ask, “What about the women?”  Ask students to write down any questions they have regarding the women of that time period.  What did they do?  Are there any familiar historical women of that time period?  Why don’t we hear as much about the women?  Then read aloud the book and determine if you can answer any questions.                    

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