Special Edition: The Itty Bitty Bookworm: A Literature Based Preschool Curriculum

Ok, so I don’t normally do this. . . review curriculum that is. However, I couldn’t resist when given the opportunity to review this preschool curriculum. It sounded wonderful: “A Literature Based Preschool Curriculum” – what could be better? And really, I’m not sure there is anything better! This curriculum rocks! It’s clear and comprehensive. It provides all the tools a preschool teacher, day care provider, or home school parent needs. The literature chosen is high quality and includes such authors as Eric Carle and Laura Numeroff.
The curriculum is standards based, following the recommendations of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). So important! The writers of this curriculum are early childhood educators and their knowledge of early childhood education is evident. Not only does the curriculm provide educators with lessons for every month of the year, but it also provides many extras such as a sample schedule, songs to start your day, learning centers, activities to enhance motor skills, parent newsletters, material lists for each month, observation sheets, and assessment options. I was particularly impressed with the fact that portfolios are included as a form of assessment. Equally impressive is the fact that journals are included as tools for emergent writers.
The curriculum is available in two parts. Bailey’s Curriculum is developmentally appropriate for 18 month through two year olds. Bo’s Curriculum is developmentally appropriate for three and four year olds. The lessons are scaffolded, so that each lesson builds upon the previous. Integrated into the lessons are creative arts activities, math, science, and social studies instruction as well.
This is the most comprehensive preschool curriculum I have seen. It’s easy to follow, standards based, developmentally appropriate and fun to boot! If you are a preschool director/teacher, day care provider, or home school parent (or know one or all of the above!) looking for a curriculum that will challenge and engage your students, look no further! The Itty Bitty Bookworm is for you. Click on their logo and start ordering!