Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk

May Theme: Engaging the Reluctant Reader/Writer

Sometimes all it takes is one book to engage a child who may be reluctant to read or write.  Though it’s the end of the school year (for most), it’s never too late to try to entice a new reader or writer.  This month, I will share books that explore reading and writing as a topic.

Recommended Grades: 3-5

Library Mouse is an adorable book to read aloud to students.  I suggest using it to model genres.  Or use it todemonstrate for students how there is an author in each of us.  Sam, the Mouse, lives in the Children’s Section of the library.  He loves to read and one day decides to write a book.  He places his book on the shelf for the children to find.

Lesson idea: The author discusses several genres in this book.  Read it aloud as an introduction to genre study.  Sam the Mouse also writes books in different genres.  Read aloud this book as an introduction to genre study in writer’s workshop as well.  Have students write their own books around different genres, just like the students in the story.

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