Lola Loves Stories by Anna McQuinn

January Theme:  Organization

Happy New Year!  Over the next five months (and last month!), I will take time to focus on picture books that you can use with each of the Six Traits of Writing.  Each month will be dedicated to a new trait.

This month’s theme is Organization.  How can we use picture books to model for students how authors choose to organize their writing?

Recommended Grades: K-2

Lola Loves Stories is a great book to show the power of reading.  After attending the library, Lola comes home with enough books to read with her parents every day.  After each reading, Lola pretend plays based on the book.

Lesson idea: This book is organized by days of the week.  After Lola checks books out of the library on Saturday, she reads a new book each day of the week.  Read aloud this book (The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is another great one!) and discuss with your students how the author organized the text by days of the week.  Provide other models (suggested by Dr. Miriam Marecek, an internationally known expert in children’s literature) of books that are organized by days of the week.  Encourage students to create a writing piece organized around the days of the week.

If you are looking for additional resources and ways to teach organization to students, find past posts under the Organization tag.

**Note** I provide these lesson ideas under the assumption that you are familiar with The Six Traits of Writing.  If you are not, and would like more information on teaching students about organization or any other six traits component, please feel free to contact me at Dlittle[at]linkstoliteracy[dot]com.  I am happy to provide more specific lessons or resources if necessary.

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