Martin’s Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Doreen Rappaport

Recommended Grades: 3-5

A biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. using his own words to showcase the information in the text. 

Lesson Idea:

Writing Workshop:

Mentor Texts: Read aloud Martin’s Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, part of a unit on biographies, during Black History Month (February), or a unit on writing dialogue.  Ask students to replicate the style the author used by researching a person from history and writing a short biography of that person.  Ask students to find quotes from the person they are researching to use in their biography.  Model for students how to use the quotes to showcase the information about the person.  Other mentor texts that use quotes are Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum and Imogene’s Last Stand.  Read aloud all three texts as mentor texts so students have an understanding of how the authors used the quotes to showcase their informative text.     

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