My Brother Dan’s Delicious by Steven Layne

Recommended Grades: 2-5

Third grader, Joey, is left home alone.  And what happens when you are left home alone?  Your imagination gets the best of you and sometimes “monsters” visit.  When Joey’s imagination gets the best of him, he figures out exactly what he would say if a monster wants to eat him, “My brother Dan is delicious.” 

Lesson Idea:

Writers Workshop

Mentor Texts: Read aloud My Brother Dan’s Delicious as part of a unit on the techniques of persuasion.  Discuss the techniques of persuasion (opposites, statistics (numbers), and repetition) and how they are evident in My Brother Dan’s DeliciousCreate an anchor chart that labels the techniques of persuasion.  Post the chart so students may use it as a model when writing their own persuasive piece (the example below is the second poster of 2).

Note: Other books you may want to include in a unit on the techniques of persuasion: A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea and Have I Got a Book for You!

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