One World, One Day by Barbara Kerley

Recommended Grades: 2-5

How do children around the world spend their day?  Just like you and me. They get up, they eat breakfast, they go to school and more.  The beauty of this book is in the photographs.  Barbara Kerley shares the story of One World, One Day in this beautiful photographic essay.      

Lesson Idea:

Writers Workshop/Nonfiction: Read aloud One World, One Day and discuss how children around the world are just like the students in your class. Make note of how the author used photographs to tell the story of one day around the world.  Discuss how photographs can tell a story just as well as text.  Share other photographic essays.  Have students take photographs of events in their day to create a photographic essay of a “day in the life of. . .“

Another great model is The Milestones Project: Celebrating Childhood Around the World

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