Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out by National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance

February Theme:  historical/presidential picture books

With the celebration of President’s Day last week, I thought I would take the month of February to review and share lessons pertaining to picture books related to history or presidents.

Recommended Grades: 3-6

Strategy:  Building Background Knowledge

More than 100 authors and illustrators offer essays, short stories, illustrations, presidential letters and speeches, comics, personalreflections, and even a one-act play about life inside the White House.

Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out is a fantastic resource to use to build background knowledge of the White House.  The compilation provides a variety of genres and opinions (sometimes opposing) as well as an in-depth resource for learning.

Lesson idea: Read aloud snippets from particular eras of the White House (depending on which one you are studying) to help your students build their background knowledge.  Have your students conduct research on the same era and compare what they learn.

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