Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner

Recommended Grades: 3-5

“Over the snow I glide. Into woods, frosted fresh and white” begins Kate Messner’s latest picture book in which a mix of language and science brings the subnivean zone to life.  What is the subnivean zone?  It’s the space between the snowpack and the ground, where many animals live during the winter. 

Lesson Idea:

Writer’s Workshop

Six Traits of Writing/Ideas: Read aloud Over and Under the Snow and discuss how the author used several techniques to make beautiful language (alliteration, repetition, descriptive words/phrases, etc.).  Discuss how student authors can mimic Messner’s craft and write their own pieces using alliteration, repetition or descriptive phrases.  Have students try to use one of  or a mixture of the craft techniques Messner uses in drafts of their own writing pieces.

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