Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum by Meghan McCarthy

Recommended Grades: 2-5

Pop!: The Invention of Bubble Gum follows Walter Diemer’s attempts and success of the invention of Dubble Bubble bubble gum. The pictures are bright and colorful and full of gumballs. The back of the book has a nice layout of further information about Walter Diemer and the history of gum. 

Lesson idea: I envision this as a fun read aloud that can also be used as a mentor text in Writer’s Workshop.  Read aloud the book and discuss the organization of the information.  How does the author take factual information and transform it into a picture book?  Note how she uses actual quotes from the inventor and creates a layout at the end of the book that shares further information about Walter Diemer and gum.  Use this book as a mentor text for a form of report writing.  Find similar models to read aloud and use as mentor texts as well.  Then, instead of asking students to write reports on a topic, ask them to write a picture book that weaves factual information and quotes from their research.  Students could even create a similar layout at the end of their picture book that provides further information and research.

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