Previously by Allan Ahlberg

Theme: Creating a Classroom Full of Readers and Writers

Writer’s Workshop: Organization/Getting to Know Students

Recommended Grades: 3rd -5th grade

Previously by Allan Ahlberg is a neat little book I found at the library.  The inside cover states, “Every story, every person, and every thing started somewhere.  Find out what all of your favorite fairy tale characters were up to. . . PREVIOUSLY.”

Lesson Idea: Read aloud this book.  Discuss the word, “previously” and how the author used the word to organize the book.  At the beginning of the year, use it as a model to teach students how to write about themselves.  Model for students using your own life first, _________ was a fifth grade teacher, previously she ____________.  Work backwards to describe specific details of your life.  Then, ask students to do the same.  A fantastic writing model to learn more about your students!

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