Ruth and the Green Book by Calvin Alexander Ramsey

Recommended Grades: 6-8

In the 1950’s Ruth and her family took a road trip from Chicago to Alabama to visit her grandmother.  Along the way, they met with resistance from business owners who did not want to serve African Americans.  When Ruth learns about The Negro Motorist Green Book, a book created to inform African Americans of African-American friendly establishments, her family uses it to meet new friends on their way.       

Lesson Idea:  

Civil Rights/Primary Sources:  Read aloud Ruth and the Green Book during a unit on civil rights.  After reading aloud, share this NPR interview with Civil Rights Leader Julian Bond, who remembers personally using the Green Book when he was a child.  For additional information, share this New York Times article, The Open Road Wasnt Quite Open to All.  Use the Negro Motorist Green Book as a primary source in an inquiry into Civil Rights.   


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