Press Here by Herve Tullet

Recommended Grades: 2-5

Press the yellow button.  Go on, press it!  It will take you into an imaginary world full of whimsy and color.  A fascinating concept book, Press Here takes the reader on a journey page by page. 

Lesson idea:

Writers Workshop: Read aloud this book and discuss how the author created an interactive reading experience using simple written directions.  Discuss how the pictures change from page to page depending on what the reader does (following directions).  As a class, choose a similar activity as press here to use as a stimulus for a shared writing piece.  Using Press Here as a model, have students contribute directions and illustrations to create a class book.

This could be a fun shared writing experience at the beginning of the school year to build community as well!

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The Hermit Crab by Carter Goodrich

A story about a shy hermit crab who becomes an unexpected hero to his underwater friends.

Motivating Boys
The hermit crab in this story does not set out to be a hero… so begins this beautifully illustrated picture book by Carter Goodrich. Hermit Crab is rather shy and prefers to search for food and keep to himself. One day, he finds a new and different looking shell. One like he had never seen before. When a contraption lands in the center of town, everyone is afraid to go near it until they realize that flounder is trapped underneath. Hermit Crab comes upon the contraption and inadvertently saves flounder. But who’s the hero? Hermit Crab or the shell? The superhero aspect to this story makes it a motivating read aloud for boys. Lesson Idea: This book can act as a catalyst to motivate boys to write. Read aloud this book to your reluctant boy readers/writers. Have students brainstorm components to a superhero story. Conduct a shared writing experience with the group to write a superhero story.