The Plot Chickens by Mary Jane Auch

August:  Getting Started with Writer’s and Reader’s Workshop

As we round the corner of summer and start our preparations for “back to school” in the U.S., this month I’ll share picture books that can be used as you plan for your writer’s and/or reader’s workshop.

Recommended Grades: 2-5

Henrietta, the chicken, is an avid reader who loves to check out books from the library to read to her aunts.  She decides that because reading is so much fun, “writing books must be eggshilarating.”  That’s when the fun really begins. . .   

Lesson idea: 

Writer’s Workshop: The Plot Chickens is a perfect book to read aloud to your class as you begin writer’s workshop for the year.  Read aloud this book and discuss the steps that Henrietta takes to go through the writing process.  How do Henrietta’s steps fit in the writing process?  As a class brainstorm steps a writer may take as he/she goes through the writing process.  Post the steps as a class resource.

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