Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne

Recommended Grades: 4-6

Voices in the Park follows four characters as they take a walk in the park.  Each character provides his own point of view of the events that take place. 

 This is a great model text to demonstrate point of view.  Each character has his own point of view of the events in the park, that come together to make a whole story.  Additionally, each character has a distinct voice – one is snobby, one is despondent, one is lonely, and one is fun. 

Lesson Idea:

Point of View:  Read aloud this text and use it as a model to demonstrate point of view. After students have had ample models of point of view, ask them to write their own piece that combines several points of view into one story.    

Voice: Read aloud this text as a model for voice.  Discuss how each character has a distinct voice based on his circumstances.  Analyze how the author uses word choice to convey voice.  After students have had practice with writing with voice, ask students to create a character sketch that provides background information on a character.  Then ask students to take that background information and determine what the character’s voice might sound like.               

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