What Are You Doing? by Elisa Amado

August:  Getting Started with Writer’s and Reader’s Workshop

As we round the corner of summer and start our preparations for “back to school” in the U.S., this month I’ll share picture books that can be used as you plan for your writer’s and/or reader’s workshop.

Recommended Grades: 2-5

What Are You Doing? asks Chepito as he moves from person to person.  As he moves along he learns a valuable lesson in reasons we read.        

Lesson idea: 

Reader’s Workshop: Use this book to begin your Reading Workshop at the beginning of the year to discuss all the reasons we read.  Read aloud this book and discuss the reasons that people are reading in the book.  As a class, brainstorm other reasons we read and create a class list (include the reasons in the book as well).  Display the list in the class and encourage students to add to the list as other reasons pop up throughout the year.

On a side note, this book is also a great multi-cultural model to have in the classroom.

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