Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie by Jill Esbaum

Theme: Fall

Writer’s Workshop: Nonfiction Text Features

Recommended Grades: 2nd -5th grade

Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie (Picture the Seasons) is another book in the National Geographic Kids Picture the Seasons series.  This book describes how pumpkins grow, different types of pumpkins, and various uses of pumpkins.    

Lesson Idea: Read aloud this book.  Discuss with students how the author uses text features to describe the pumpkins.  For example, when describing the size of pumpkins, she mentions that some may be GIANTS you can sit inside.  Discuss how she uses different fonts and font sizes (print features and print layout) to match the word.  This is one example of nonfiction text features.  The author uses this craft several times in this text.  On a piece of chart paper, in a T-chart form, list the words the author uses and how she enhances the text by changing the fonts to match the words.  On one side of the T-chart, place the word and its meaning.  On the other side, show how the author used the font to emphasize the word.  Discuss with students how using this particular text feature demonstrates meaning of the word.  Find other mentor texts that model text features the same way.  Share those on the class T-chart as well.  Display the chart in the classroom as a resource.  Provide students with an opportunity to experiment with different fonts and font sizes in their own informational writing.

For more information on print features and print layout, including a graphic organizer and mentor texts that use this craft, check out the October 2010 issue of The Reading Teacher.  I actually happened upon this article after writing this post.  Perfect timing for my issue of The Reading Teacher to come in the mail!

The Reading Teacher, 64(2), pp. 137-139

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